We created eGenralCounsel as a web-based, cost-effective alternative for entrepreneurs, growing companies, family offices, high net worth investors and others who need sophisticated corporate and business law services but are tired of paying the exorbitant hourly fees of traditional law firms.

We accomplish this through:

  • Assembling a custom mix of lawyers with the experience and specialties for exactly the legal problems that you, the client, require.  Just as the general counsel of a major corporation draws on a wide network of outside law firms and lawyers to meet the specialized needs of the company as they arise, we draw on our extensive network of independent lawyers and boutique law firms to meet the specialized need of each of our clients.  In a traditional law firm, by contrast, you are limited by the experience and expertise of the attorneys that happen to be in that single firm.
  • Built around Web-based infrastructure to eliminate much of the overhead costs of traditional law firms, such as expensive, fancy offices and teams of support personnel and trainee lawyers.  These costs must be passed along to you, the client, typically resulting in fees that can exceed $750 per hour in major U.S. cities.  With today’s Web-based technology, there is no longer a need for such expensive overhead, and a virtual lawyer network can provide the same high quality legal services without the need to pass-through all of the costs of a traditional bricks-and-mortar law firm.
  • Flexible billing plans based on either hourly or flat-fee rates.  In addition, we offer monthly service plans for growing businesses and others who need a general counsel but can not afford to hire a full-time attorney on staff.  Let eGenralCounsel be your virtual general counsel. is operated by Bennett J. Yankowitz, a member of the State Bar of California and the New York State Bar Association.  Portions of this Web site constitute the advertisement for professional services.