Your Virtual General Counsel


A New Approach to Business Legal Services

eGeneralCounsel represents a new approach to providing legal services to businesses clients in the information age.  We have done away with the overhead associated with brick-and-mortar law firms, with heavy investment in expensive office leases, bloated staffs, teams of recent law school graduates with limited experience and the high hourly fees required to sustain them all.

In the Internet age, it is now possible to assemble a custom legal team for projects based on a network of experienced lawyers with those exact skills needed for the project.  Video conferencing, cloud-based data storage, email and other technologies make it possible to offer sophisticated business services without the overhead of a traditional law office.  The client receives more personalized service with focused expertise on his or her particular needs at a cost that can be significantly lower than a traditional law firm.

Let us show you how we can serve you as your Virtual General Counsel.

Service Plans

One-Time Matters.  We offer flexible billing structures, either based on an hourly rate or in many cases a flat fee for each project.

Monthly Plans.  For businesses that wish to have the benefits of a part-time general counsel that they can call on, we can tailor a plan with a set number of hours available each month, at a reduced billing rate, with the ability to purchase extra hours when the workloads demand them and to roll over unused hours to succeeding months.