Oil and Gas

black goldAs the former President of Blue Sphere Energy and Proteus Energy Corporation, as well as an experienced business and oil and gas lawyer with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, I bring both practical business experience as well as solid legal skills to my clients in the oil and as industry.  Particular areas of expertise include purchase and sale of oil and gas properties, including the specialized aspects of the due diligence process involved in this industry, especially the complex title issues that often arrise.  I have negotiated and documented a wide variety of joint ventures, joint operating agreements, farm-in agreements and similar arrangements. I have structured and documented many sorts of financing transactions, including those based on royalties, production payments, net profit participations, and various limited partnership structures.  Because of tax benefits available to oil and gas transactions, particularly those involving drilling new wells, it is critical to use an oil and gas attorney who is experienced in maximizing the ability to realize the benefits when structuring transactions.